Hemolung® RAS

Hemolung® RAS

The first fully-integrated Respiratory Dialysis system, the Hemolung®RAS is designed from the ground up to provide simple, effective extracorporeal CO2 removal.

The Hemolung®RAS is an innovative, dialysis-like alternative or supplement to mechanical ventilation that combines advanced technology with user-centered design to produce the first fully-integrated Respiratory Dialysis system. 

Hemolung®RAA offers a simple, minimally invasive approach to extracorporeal CO2 removal (ECCO2R) for patients with acute hypercapnic respiratory failure. Removing carbon dioxide and delivering oxygen directly to the blood allows the patient’s lungs to rest and heal while avoiding intubation and facilitating protective ventilation.

Effective and Efficient
Highly efficient CO2 removal at blood flow rates of only 350 - 550mL/min is possible with patented "active mixing" technology. An integrated centrifugal pump creates the required blood flow.

Minimally invasive
Requires only one 15.5 F dual lumen venous catheter (jugular or femoral) and minimal anticoagulation (aPTT 1.5X baseline).

Simple to Implement
A simple, closed extracorporeal circuit makes setup and use of the system safe and simple. The Hemolung Controller provides advanced monitoring and real-time measurement of CO2 removal to allow precise titration of therapy.

Hemolung®RAS is You Solution for All Stages of Respiratory Failure

The Hemolung®RAS has been specially developed to provide Respiratory Dialysis. The device can remove 30% - 50% of metabolically produced CO2, allowing its use in patients who are either failing non-invasive ventilation (e.g. COPD exacerbation) or who are already invasively ventilated. The Hemolung®RAS results in the correction of acidosis and permits the de-escalation of ventilatory support, allowing the lungs to rest and heal.

Applications for Respiratory Dialysis include:

  • Pre-Ventilator
    The Hemoloung®RAS can be used to avoid intubation and invasive mechanical ventilation when non-invasive ventilation is failing. By reducing work of breathing and correcting acidosis, Respiratory Dialysis provides rapid patient stabilisation.
  • Acute and Chronic on Ventilator
    The Hemolung®RAS enables the application of lung protective ventilation strategies, reducing the chance of ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI) while simultaneously correcting respiratory acidosis.


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