Ovation Prime™

Ovation Prime™

Developed by TriVascular, the Ovation Prime™ Abdominal Stent Graft System is the lowest profile AAA endograft system, offering enhanced deliverability - even through narrow and tortuous anatomies.

This minimally invasive, easy-to-use system expands the pool of patients eligible for endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR).

The Ovation Prime™ has been designed with a specific desired solution in mind - to ensure a robust proximal seal, precise, secure fixation and reduced profile.
Elimination of stent/material overlap allows for a significant reduction in profile without compromising strength or permeability, unlike other stent grafts with which the stent and fabric are compressed in the same space within the catheter.
Sealing rings and graft support structure are filled with polymer post-deployment. The sealing rings conform to surface irregularities of calcification, preventing endoleaks, provide a seal in the presence of thrombus, and seal to patient anatomy even within reverse-tapered necks.

  • Down to 14F OD Aortc Body delivery system
  • Down to 13F OD lliac Limbs delivery system
  • Tri-modular design
  • Suprarenal stent with integral anchors
  • Inflatable sealing rings
  • Low viscosity, radiopaque biocompatible fill polymer
  • Kink resistant iliac limbs
  • Hydrophilic catheter coating


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