Company Overview

Getz Healthcare Pty Limited is a member of Getz Bros. & Co., Inc., also known as The Getz Group.

Getz Bros. & Co., Inc. is an international marketing and services company with over 80 offices in 36 countries around the world, referred to collectively as The Getz Group.

The origins of the company date back to 1852 when Joseph and Max Getz emigrated from Eastern Europe to the United States. They started with a small general store in Northern California by selling local products in and around the San Francisco area. Soon after, they started exporting goods to China and other Asian countries. Business expanded and around the turn of the century, Getz opened offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, followed closely by South-East-Asia. More followed and now The Getz Group has major offices covering the whole of the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Healthcare - Pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, consumables and devices, pharmaceutical research (CRAM) and clinical software.
  • Consumer Products - FMCG, fashion, women’s apparel, toiletries, health & beauty aids, consumer electronics.
  • Chemicals -  Serving paints, inks, plastics, paper, rubber & textiles industries.
  • Architectural Services - Access floors, ceilings, vinyl floors, wall protection, office workstations and hospitality furniture.
  • Food Processing -  Tropical fruits, vegetables, frozen snacks and other food products.
  • Industrials Construction - machinery, hardware and agriculture.


Other Members of The Getz Group


Getz Pharma
Getz Pharma is the largest branded generic pharmaceutical company in Pakistan and began its operations in 1995. Offices also located in Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia.


Getz Bros. Philippines, Inc.

Operating throughout the Philippine islands for nearly 90 years within consumer products and health care, biomedical and pharma sales/distribution.



Getz Bros. Taiwan, Inc
Extensive product lines include process engineering, chemical engineering, water treatment, mechanical engineering, material handling equipment, environment protection, industrial raw materials and medical products.


Muller & Phipps Pakistan (Private) Ltd
One of the largest and oldest distribution networks of consumer and pharmaceutical products in Pakistan.


Louis T. Leonowens
Among Thailand’s leading distribution companies with products ranging from agricultural, building and architectural, chemicals, and hardware.


Asia Cardiovascular Products
Services include regional distribution, sales and marketing, service consulting, logistics and management of clinical trials as well as sourcing for medical products.


William Montague

Specialising in custom case goods for the Hospitality Industry.