Belmont® Rapid Infuser RI-2

Belmont® Rapid Infuser RI-2

Infuse in seconds, help save a life.

Rapid high-volume infusion of blood or blood products in operating room and in trauma, the Belmont® Rapid Infuser RI-2 lets you focus on the patient, not the equipment.
We understand that urgent moment when you need to safely and rapidly infuse blood or fluids. 

We know that you need to have quick and easy setup, trust that all the air has been removed, know the exact temperature of the blood/fluid being infused, be alerted when something needs immediate attention and receive immediate and person cutomer service.

The Belmont RI-2 offers you:

  • A patented inductive heater
  • Automatic priming in seconds
  • Automatic air removal
  • Control of infusion with settings from 2.5mL/min to 750 mL/min
  • A large simple touch screen
  • Operator controlled bolus infusion
  • Automatic alarms avoid unsafe conditions
  • An extra long 15 foot power cord
  • Several Languages
  • Transport
  • Step by step on-screen instructions


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