Achilles EXPII

Achilles EXPII

Leading hospitals, clinics and physicians trust the Achilles EXPII to bring clinical confidence and accessibility to fracture risk assessment and to help ensure the vitality of their patients.

Numerous clinical studies show that ultrasonometry of the heel using Achilles EXPII is an economical, reliable alternative to DEXA for fracture risk assessment. Achilles EXPII lets you offer osteoporosis testing to your patients as part of a regular health assessment. Testing is simple and fast, providing immediate results that help you counsel patients and make sound treatment decisions. Additionally, Achilles EXPII has prove long-term precision, making it useful for monitoring bone changes.

With Achilles EXPII, patient comfort is optimal. The exam is fast, comfortable and gel-free and it's ultrasound technology emits no ionising radiation.

For operators, the Achilles EXPII is easy-to-use, requires no special rooms and results are concise and easy to interpret. The Achilles boasts a board memory of up to 2000 patient records and customisable measurement workflows.

Achilles EXPII is the right tool to help you provide better care to more patients.


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