TBS iNsight® Advanced Application for DXA

TBS iNsight® Advanced Application for DXA

Introducing a fresh, innovative and advanced way to look at bone densitometry using Advanced DXA with TBS iNsight™

Grow your comprehensive Bone Health program with TBS iNsight

  • Help improve fracture risk assessment
  • Help improve diagnostic confidence
  • Help improve patient compliance

50% of fractures occur in patients with “non-osteoporotic” DXA values.1

TBS iNsight is a reproducible method that estimates fracture risk based on a determination of bone texture (an index correlated to bone microarchitecture). TBS provides additional risk information that complements other determinations of fracture risk from DXA bone density and clinical risk factors.

TBS iNsight evaluates trabecular bone and seamlessly integrates into your DXA protocol

  • TBS iNsight is compatible with Hologic and GE DXA units*.
  • Calculation is performed at the same time as DXA.
  • No additional scan time.
  • No additional radiation exposure.
  • TBS iNsight evaluates bone texture expressed as Trabecular Bone Score as a complement to bone density.
  • TBS is not impacted by the presence of osteophytes.
  • TBS values are saved and results can be compared to monitor the effect of treatment over time.
  • TBS enables retrospective analysis of older DXA scans**.

1Report of a WHO Study Group. World Health Organ Tech Rep Ser 1994;843:1-129. Sirius ES, Chen YT, Abbott TA, Barrett-Connor E, Miller PD, Wehren LE et al. Bone mineral density thresholds for pharmacological intervention to prevent fractures. Arch intern Med 2004;164(10):1108-12


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