Brandon Quasar eLite Surgical Light

Brandon Quasar eLite Surgical Light

This sophisticated surgical lighting offers integrated Equipment Solutions for Operating Theatres & Intensive Care

Quasar® eLite offers ideal colour rendition across the full visible spectrum. It features a high level of R9 colour rendition of any product and allows strong and vibrant visualisation of tissues. 

Red Balance Control

A feature to Quasar® eLite, Red Balance Control, provides the user with the option to adjust the balance of red light to match their own optical colour response. Allowing the user to fine tune the light ensures minimal eye strain by making the light do the work instead of the eye.

Colour Shadows

Quasar® eLite uses carefully placed reflectors to reduce colour separation or ‘colour shadows’ normally associated with combining different coloured LED’s.

Comfort Halo

Quasar® eLite has been specifically designed to reduce eye strain for the user. The Comfort Halo forms an intermediate corona to create a more
gradual change in contrast between the area illuminated by the operating light and general theatre lighting.

Fat Beam Technology

Quasar® eLite provides the ideal light beam quality of any other product. More light flux allows wide beams of light, larger illuminated fields and more
light across the full width of the illuminated area.

HD-SDI Camera System “Inside”

Quasar® eLite features HD cameras fully embedded into the lamp head. The HD-SDI system produces improved picture quality on
large monitors and provides a foundation for Brandon Medical’s Symposia® systems.
Minimising “Visual Banding”

High definition cameras can detect the modulation frequencies of LED lights. This causes visual horizontal bands on the display
monitors. Quasar® eLite reduces visual bands by accurately synchronising the frequencies of the LED modulation and the shutter speed of the HD camera system.

Media Arms

A wide range of media arms can be combined with Quasar® eLite to support video, PACS, data and touch screen control. 

Designed to Minimise Infections 

Quasar® eLite has been designed to minimise infections. Anti-microbial additives are used to destroy harmful bacteria. The smooth,
continuous surfaces with split lines are kept to a bare minimum.
The Quasar® eLite light head is sealed against the ingress of dirt and liquids to minimise contamination, whilst the central handle with removable sterile cover allows for flexible positioning.


Ergonomics have been a major factor in the design process of Quasar® eLite resulting in a light with ideal user benefits and flexible positioning.


Offering over 60,000 hours of LED life, the Quasar eLite is hard wearing, with six individual light engines to allow continuous illumination in the event of module failure.

Intuitive Lighting Controls

Quasar® eLite’s ergonomic lighting control systems provide clear and intuitive adjustment of all lighting functions by the surgical team. This can be done at the light head, or outside of the sterile field via a secure wireless wall mounted control system.






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